Too often and erroneously, we separate the body from the spirit, the appearance from the essence, the outer from the inner. However,  everybody lives daily for their whole life this duality.

Amabilis cosmetics claim this double identity by proposing a series of natural products, which combines, with French elegance, care, reflection and ethic. Everybody who wonders about themselves and the world around them will appreciate this line of cosmetics, whose names are more than evocative: existentialist soaps, Proustian creams, naturalist deodorants. Each product created by the herbalist Myriam Amabilis, immerses you in the world of one of her favorite writers and philosophers: Proust and In Search of Lost Time for creams, Dirty Hands of Sartre for soaps or The Beast in Man of Zola for deodorants.

Far from being a mere artifice, the ritual of care is thus part of a thought, a meditation on the ordering of the world. All our product are handmade and sold in recyclable packaging. They are organic, petrochemical and paraben free. In addition, we work with high quality raw materials, such as Karethic shea butter and Bioflore essential oils, just to name a few.


Moisturizing and illuminating cream

To revise your classics, a rose and apricot day cream. The cream Mignonne allons voir si la rose with its soft texture and delicate flowery scent will envelop you with a sense of insouciance… "So, if you believe me, darling", well, dance, sing, swirl, laugh, eat delicious food and love yourself - because, as the song says, we are but very little!

rosa damascena flower water* - prunus armeniaca kernel oil/apricot oil* - aloe barbadensis leaf juice* - cetearyl olivate,sorbitan olivate* - glycerin - tocopherol - rosa damascena flower essential oil* - lavandula angustifolia essential oil* - benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, aqua (water) - *from organic farming

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Moisturizing and revitalizing cream

I wish I could tell you that I had found the Philosopher's Stone and the formula of eternal youth but alas, it is not so! Fortunately, this Proustian cream contains precious allies such as primrose oil which invigorates your skin and boosts the immune system and apricot oil which contains vitami A and linoleic acid for radiant skin. The suave, fresh and powerful scent of the neroli's essential oil will awaken your joyful and make your anxieties disappear.

rosa damascena flower water* - prunus armeniaca kernel oil/apricot oil* - oenothera biennis/primrose oil* - cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate* - glycerin - aloe barbadensis leaf juice* - tocopherol - citrus aurentium essential oil* - benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, aqua (water) - *from organic farming

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The Healing Ointment

Even if you don’t live in Siberia, you may need the healing ointment La douce. It will protect your hands from the cold and will help you heal if you ever get hurt It will also help  keep your skin moisturised in case of damage by the sun or the cold. It will nourish dry hair, and last but not least it will provide a sense of comfort to feet that had to go the extra mile. The Healing Ointment contains ingredients such as shea butter (a panacea), which is rich in oleic and steraic acid, some cocoa butter very rich in fatty acid (protecting an nourishing), some beeswax (healing and anti-inflammatory) and a synergy of essential oil which are regenerating and have antibacterial properties. All these treasures at your service!

rosa damascena flower water* - butyrospermum parkii butter* - simmondsia chinensis seed oil/jojoba seed oil* - theobroma cacao seed butter* - cera alba/beewax* - cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate - aloe barbadensis leaf juice* - glycerin - lavandula angusti-folia oil* - melaleuca quinquenervia oil*- cinnamomum camphora linaloliferum oil*- benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, aqua (water) - *from organic farming

60ml   Add to Cart︎   ︎ 30 EUR